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Michigan Crime Figure Becomes Rising Television Star

Aundrey Hubbard may not be a familiar name to you. But for the residents of Wayne County Michigan. Which is where the murder capital of America is, Detroit Michigan. Aundrey Hubbard happens to be a household name of fear in Wayne County and in several surrounding counties. Within the past two decades Aundrey Hubbard has been investigated for several homicides, attempted murders, kidnappings, money laundering, arms trafficking, smuggling, and several other major crimes. Yet with several violent felony convictions, including shootings, stabbings, and even beating a police officer within an inch of his life. Aundrey Hubbard has somehow obtained a clearance from the ATF. Not only has he obtained a clearance from the ATF, his multiple violet convictions have been wiped clean from his record by the United States Supreme Court. Now for the readers, this type of clearance and arrangement would usually indicate that the individual has cooperated. Yet there has been zero records and evidence suggesting this. After all, cooperation records and statements are public records and easily accessible by anyone. What type of reach to the upper echelons of the government does this man have. Now if all of those facts aren’t enough to raise questions about Mr. Hubbard’s connections. Mr. Hubbard has reportedly secured a lucrative contract with a network television company. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Aundrey Hubbard has not only secured a lucrative contract. But also a prime time commitment agreement with a network television company. What has America come to ladies and gentlemen? We glorify studio gangsters and violence in music. We glorify and praise the fictional characters from television. Now we’re going to be glorifying the real ones ladies and gentlemen. And with that being said, I’m going to end this article with this. I have nothing but salutes and congratulations to Mr. Hubbard. Keep progressing and moving forward. It’s obvious that the world is yours and we’re just living in it.

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