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Meme Cat and gg Toy Company

Do you like cats? It seems Gregory Taylor the CEO of gg Toy Company does. The first toy in their collection of Toy + NFT Duos is their character “Meme Cat” which looks like modernized simple but stylized 2-piece vinyl toy. They currently have a limited collection of hand-crafted figures for sale each of them comes with an NFT. gg Toy Company has invested in a handful of NFTs. Including a Mutant ape Yacht Club worth at the time of writing $30,000 USD. They also have nine NFTs from the uprising Degen Tonnz NFT Collection.

All the NFTs that the Company owns the creators have given the holders full Intellectual property rights to the art in their NFT. This is a new way to license artwork and gg Toy company is coming full force to get involved in the uprising NFT projects by using these intellectual property rights that come with the NFTS to create physical toys from them. But that’s not its Meme cat is their own creation and this cute little cat you figure looks like it has been designed to be a blank slate for many creative editions over time.

Keep an eye on this uprising NFT + Physical item trend it brings a whole new meaning and interaction to the NFT Marketplace and experience. Another plus we notice while looking around their website was that the NFTs come with their toys so for those who want a crypto free way to enter the NFT space they accept PayPal and credit card and will ship the toy to you and send the NFT to your provided crypto wallet. It will be interesting to see how the emerging use cases of NFTs will unfold and how implementation of Web3 and the introduction of New Metaverses.

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