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Meet Michaela Jamelska, a female entrepreneur, making an impact in the world of immersive learning and education

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in powering innovation, and economic growth of the world. In recent years, specifically female entrepreneurship has been on a rise. Today, female entrepreneurs are significantly influencing a variety of sectors globally, overcoming an array of obstacles along the way. 

Meet Michaela Jamelska, a female social impact entrepreneur, who knows firsthand the journey of entrepreneurship. A founder of NOVA, human rights advocate, and contributing writer, works towards improving gender equality, education, and human rights using technology and innovation. 

Her entrepreneurial story fulfills her lifelong purpose to make a positive impact in the world and address the areas that are important for humanity. 

As a contributing media writer, she shares her bold ideas with readers to promote critical thinking about the functioning of a society, the use of technology, and societal fundamentals. She explores an intersection between innovation, education, and human rights and opens a dialogue about the use of technology in areas that are neglected. 

After being invited to speak at the United Nations about the positive use of technology, Michaela decided to start ventures that would bring value to current education. 

With her co-founders, an ambitious female entrepreneur started NOVA, a US-based start-up, that aims to bring an immersive experience in education and change the way we learn. Michaela was always drawn to education since a very young age and studied in more than 5 different countries around the world. 

After attending various educational institutions and the world’s best universities, she was disappointed that despite her passion for the education she found the educational system the same everywhere and with little innovation at the time.

The classes for Michaela at some point became monotonous and not inspiring. With her background in arts, she was always seeking creativity even within the way students study. 

So she created NOVA to revolutionize the space of education and ensure the younger generations have more ways to learn than just from traditional textbooks. Michaela is pioneering the idea of mixed-reality and immersive learning that will expand a learner’s creativity, critical thinking, and other skills essential for the future. Her NOVA start-up was selected for the best tech events in 2022 to showcase the solution and popular Honk Kong based accelerator. Michaela has come to be regarded in tech circles as a friendly but mission-driven visionary who is obsessed with technology that has a bigger purpose. In her eyes, education is not just one of the sectors; it’s society’s foundation and a key driver for global progression. Her mission is to accelerate learning and ensure everyone has an access to innovative education. This young female entrepreneur brings to this world an opportunity and tools to explore human potential through new ways of learning and self-discovery. As her company continues to grow, Michaela aims to ensure that NOVA’s virtual environments will become a building block for the next century’s possibilities.

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