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L’Mistique “ oux : Poll D’annimale Art{…}| >|°:Ann|°_|°Für < o|

In the shadow! She pronounced her inventation.

U could tell she was arrived. To this “ Auk. “

The Name Of this Caffè.

Ann Van Houdt : this invidualle as Female as she was.study’ing

In St Agnes Hoboken : for Human : “ Für. “ Dressing.

While she sneack out of her portale as a ganster! Against me ?: in this morning!!!___—- .So “ mistique . “

As she was{!!!}___— .

She know wath she wanted. U could tell on her C|_loth’s. on her two feet “ in. “ : LIfe! Deffentley Knowing! what she could axpect. And how to work.

To her hobby and livings as Mineur Art : {Für; = “ : . “ !!!} “ Dresster. “

As doing her Mistique ussual life as she know’s : In This “ Für : Salon …- “……………………!!!Client___: Knokke “ Heist………….Belguim………… “

In a partitution drawning by Erwin Bauwens. This Akademia: 2020 To- Cabaret Artist Of The Year. Portreted Ann Van Houdt As’well in creatonice psychology in Mangement Colloring ads wel in Non BInair what is the mode for Anno ‘23.
S;F r,

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