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Konkret Comics has returned to Kickstarter, bringing you all the stories that you love!

The legendary Akolyte is back with his highly anticipated issue 5 for our backers, including covers by the great Bruno Lima. With a new campaign full of exclusive content, covers, posters and t-shirts, we are here to set the bar high and Keep it Konkret!!!

If you are looking for a cool action story with gorgeous visuals and fun dialogue, in the vein of the most classic superhero stories with a modern touch, then you just found your new favorite book! With influences that range from Dragonball, Star Wars and Man of Steel, Akolyte is an empowering story that calls for us to embrace our legacy and what makes us unique, and use that power in order to fulfill our destiny.

Akolyte #5:  After defending Earth from the diabolical Children of Chaos,  Akolyte turns to the stars for answers.  Light years away from his home world, Akolyte finds himself trapped in the middle of a galactic cat and mouse game. Who are these strangers and what do they want with the Moon walker?


Born in Philadelphia, Derek had no lack of inspiration growing up. Starting at home with his parents, who encouraged his imagination to flourish, he was also able to look at iconic Philly personalities for encouragement. As a creator and CEO of Konkret Comics, he has always thought that good storytelling never goes out of style. With Akolyte, he hopes to inspire any little girl or boy that dreams of doing something extraordinary. In 2020, Akolyte Issue 1 was nominated to 5 Glyph Awards, including best writer and best male character.

Akolyte #1-5 has arrived. Don’t Miss out, Order your copy today! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/konkretcomics/akolyte-1-5-therans-cry

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