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Jabari Cubane on The Transparency Project

Jabari Cubane is CEO of Transparency, and Editor-in-Chief of The Evening Wiki. Passionate about protecting UK citizens’ civil liberties, they occupy a space in the world of journalism embroiled in the ever-intensifying battle between the powerful and the powerless.

We were curious about their ‘Transparency Project’, a movement that aims to uncover corruption and malpractice with investigative means. They are currently keeping tight-lipped on their future, but did discuss SexyLadyMassive.

We reached out to The Evening Wiki and Jabari had the following to say: “Well, due to the nature of our Transparency Project it is difficult for us to speak openly about future endeavours. What I can say is our mission is to provoke accountability.”

“Our people are uniquely skilled at conducting private investigations, and they enjoy doing so. It makes us happy to positively impact our world. I’d say what I am most proud of thus far – of what’s in the public domain – is Hailey’s work on Investigating SexyLadyMassive.”

“This was difficult, due to the nature of the allegations, but very necessary. We know we have assisted the pursuit of closure for a plethora of young people, and brought to light information that the industry needs to be aware of.”

2023 will likely be a monumental year for the publication, and we look forward to speaking to him further as they grow in brand recognition.

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