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Is Mauro Settimo Carini Making a Comeback?

Young entrepreneurs from all over the world are no longer uncommon in their ability to capture the global market with new original ideas and concepts. Mauro Settimo Carini is a well-known young entrepreneur in Italy. Mauro was born in Sicily, Italy, in January 2000, and spent the majority of his childhood there as well. 

Mauro Settimo Carini, one of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs, was named one of Italy’s most successful young entrepreneurs under the age of 21.

Mauro Settimo Carini traveled to London after graduating from high school to study IT for a half-year before joining well-known startups such as the Linux Foundation, where he had his first entrepreneurial experience. 

In February 2018, Mauro Carini invested in SonicFast Networks, which is currently one of London’s best cloud hosting services, according to The Manifest, with customers from all over the world. He began his second major project with Fomo Crew in August 2019. By 2020, Mauro Settimo Carini plans to launch a Real Estate Fund in the Dubai metropolitan area. He will be involved in both the acquisition and development of the assets. 

According to sources, Mauro Settimo Carini is working on a new Cloud Datacenter Provider. The name of the brand has been determined to be “Understatement.” 

The future holds many opportunities for the 22-year-old, who has already proven himself as a successful entrepreneur in a number of ventures. Many young people around the world are inspired by his insight and inventive ideas.

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