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Hailey Flynn on Jolie Fortuna investigation

An investigative journalist working for Evening Wiki says her most recent work will likely be the ‘proudest’ of her career. Hailey Flynn of Transparency Group Media has dedicated most of 2023 to investigating Jolie Fortuna of SexyLadyMassive, and her most recent work is likely to send shockwaves throughout the rave scene.

Hailey is tight-lipped about the nature of her investigations, but she says her most recent investigation caused her to delve into the ‘darkest parts of herself’, being a vocal survivor of sexual assault, and having seen first-hand the impact of defamation.

“When I was in my teenage years I was forced to testify in open court against my abuser, and social media attacked me for it.”

Hailey says her passion for journalism and private investigations is fuelled by witnessing corruption, misuse of power, the weaponisation of social media, and the criminal justice system’s mishandling of sexual crimes.

“They called me a liar. People tried to dox me and my sister. Keyboard warriors tried to inveigle into me and my family’s life and twist things to fit a narrative. They then went after my father, making all sorts of maliciously false claims. It made me obsessive. But obsessively passionate. I find it hard to watch people endeavouring to weaponise social media against powerless individuals and just stand by.”

“I can be casually scrolling Twitter with a Sainsbury’s meal deal while shuffling between chaotic newsrooms and I will get hooked into an emerging event at the sight of a complex Tweet. I’ll start frantically downloading all available information, launch an investigation, and release it on one of my platforms, whether large or small.”

“When I met Jabari Cubane I met a man who matched my ideals. A man who truly matches my passion, and is not afraid to give me free roam to do as I wish. Bigger newsrooms have so much more red tape, but over here I can release things that may not be able to be released saying exactly what I wish elsewhere.”

“With the Fortuna case it was an absolute no-brainer. From the moment it was referred to me I said yes – that’s the one. That’s the one to focus on this year. One with just enough data available to extrapolate a foundation of a timeline, but with nowhere near enough to have an understanding of what factually has transpired.

That’s the case that needs me. One where a group of people have suffered, and there’s enough information to cut through the noise, but nobody has taken enough time to listen closely enough. I take immense satisfaction in being the person to silence the traffic, deliver clarity, and bring healing.”

“This family did not deserve to suffer in the way they did. And when I began investigating further, I could see many other families allegedly suffered too, and at that point me and Jabari decided to meet everyone involved face-to-face and discuss a plan on moving forward. And then information just started pouring in.”

Transparency Group Media’s CEO Jabari Cubane says they will expand in 2024 to allow them to deliver more complex private investigations. The company has recently sold several localised businesses in order to expand their marketization of their core outlets.

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