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GIFTED IZ MUSIC: Meet your new favourite multi-faceted music artist, choreographer, hitmaker, and poet

Having spent years working on his own unique musical style, New York-based music artist Gifted Iz Music is plotting to make 2023 his year – and he’s building up a collection of ready-made hits to help him reach a global audience. Let’s dive into why he’s likely to be your new favourite music maker

Gifted by name, gifted by nature…The RnB/hip-hop artist known as Gifted Iz Music is set to make big moves in 2023. 

Here’s a quick profile of what he’s been doing, what he’s all about – and why you’re likely to be hearing a lot more about him in the next 12 months…

Gifted Iz: The Road Map to making 2023 his year

For those who don’t already know him, Gifted Iz Music is an independent artist who has been releasing hit singles throughout the past few years. 

Following the release of his last single ‘Tongue Tied’ in 2022, the emerging artist is already gearing up for his next release in the coming months, with his new single set to come out in May 2023. 

Gifted Iz’s new single will mark the latest step in his ever-growing career – and will likely see him becoming a household name by the time summer rolls around. 

As he gets set to further cement his place as one of the best emerging RnB/hip-hop artists, let’s take a look at how his last single set him up on his journey.

The Success of Gifted Iz Music’s ‘Tongue Tied’ single

Gifted Iz Music’s last release, ‘Tongue Tied’, racked up 100,000s of streams on Spotify, while the slick, professionally-shot music video for the song also became an instant hit on YouTube. 

And it’s easy to see why. Gifted Iz’s voice has the kind of smooth flow that compels you to keep listening, while the beat thrown behind this track is hypnotic and dancefloor worthy.  With similar vibes to The Weeknd by ways of Neyo, it was practically guaranteed to go on to become a summertime banger when it first hit streaming sites in June 2022.

On top of that, the song showcased the fact that Gifted Iz is, truly, a gifted songwriter. His lyrics are unashamedly sexual, playful, and enticing – we listen as the artist works on his seduction method by addressing a woman who he suggestively wants to get ‘tongue tied’ with. 

Since its release, 1,000s of viewers and listeners flocked to share their love for the song, which has emboldened Gifted Iz Music as he gets set for a busy 2023. 

Engineering the perfect hit 

As well as writing great songs, Gifted Iz also ensures that they’re made into the perfect versions of themselves by working with a great team. 

The artist works with the best producers, videographers, photographers, and other experts in their fields, in order to ensure that he’s able to produce something which fits his high standards. 

He might be a perfectionist, but this tireless work ethic goes some way toward explaining why songs like ‘Tongue Tied’ are just so polished and why they feel way beyond the types of songs being released by an emerging artist. 

Behind the Music 

While Gifted Iz Music’s songs show a more lavish side of the artist – complete with parties, yachts, fast cars, expensive apartments, and beautiful summer settings – he’s quick to point out that, in real life, he’s a multi-faceted and versatile artist. 

In interviews, Gifted Iz says that, for him, his music is about competing with himself and setting himself to the highest possible standard. This involves making the best songs possible and not leaving anything on the table. 

This might explain why his music has such high production values and why his music videos rival some of the best in showbiz – it’s because Gifted Iz doesn’t settle for anything less. 

As well as that – as he gets set to release more music this year – Gifted Iz makes clear that each song he writes is about trying to show the full range of his talents and songwriting abilities. For every song about partying and living a lavish lifestyle, Gifted Iz also has songs in his repertoire about love, relationships and humanity. 

For him – it all comes down to speaking his truth. And make no mistake, he has a lot of music to share. 

What else to know about Gifted Iz Music

You can stream Gifted Iz Music’s music on Spotify. You can also subscribe to be the first to hear his new music. 

You can also find out more about Gifted Iz Music on his Instagram page, or his Facebook page.  You can also watch the full ‘Tongue Tied’ video on Gifted Iz’s YouTube channel

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