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Filmmaker Shares Story Secrets in New Best-selling Book

Paul Furlong is a film producer and director and more recently has become the international best-selling author of Rule the World: Master the power of storytelling to inspire, influence and succeed. Through story elements, he works with businesses to improve their sales strategy and brand image. Using his background in television and film, Furlong documents the true story of brands and help them sell themselves through high-quality stories. As a consultant, educator, and podcaster (the podcast is also called Rule the World and can be found wherever you listen to podcasts), he is sharing his knowledge and connecting with other storytellers to share perspectives of captivating storytelling.

Furlong’s book distills storytelling advice from leading actors, producers, anthropologists, scriptwriters, and more. Through extensive research and experience working on feature films, he shares with businesses how to tell the perfect brand story and how to captivate prospective customers by connecting them to brands.

Furlong demonstrates that very few brands use emotion in their brand story. As an advocate for solid storytelling in his brand motivation, his research uncovered that the world’s most successful brands used authentic stories. These stories are valuable in connecting to their customers and building strong loyalty from the first impression; throughout the books, Furlong shares how to create robust reports, where to use them, and tips from his decades of industry research and the world’s finest storytellers. He hopes to inspire other business owners and help those who want to tell their stories in a way that will resonate with their customers.

The book is a synopsis of how you can create a connection to your audience and how you can shape business culture through messaging. The book is a comprehensive guide for business owners and teams to write their narrative and shape the direction their brand is heading in the future.

Furlong is formally trained in physiological science through Newcastle University and started in the film and television industry at 21 as a runner, eventually becoming a director. He has worked in TV and on several feature films telling stories for international audiences. As a multi-award-winning director, Furlong has established himself as a visionary storyteller, leader, and writer. Using his accreditation in the film industry, he has gathered his thoughts in “Rule the World; Master The Power of storytelling to Inspire, Influence and succeed.”

During his off time, Paul Furlong is a massive sporting fan and family man. He loves Everton football and the Boston Red Sox, playing his violin, and spending time with his two daughters and wife. He can often be found in the kitchen or the garden growing and preparing his food. When he can find the time, he is always interested in catching up on new stories, including the latest film releases.

You can connect with Paul on Twitter @PaulFurlongOpus or through his company website www.weareopusmedia.com

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