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Eurydice Eve Is Getting Attention

An extraordinary woman who has made her mark in the world is Eurydice Eve. Eurydice is successful because of  the groundbreaking nature of her work and creative talent. What makes Eurydice remarkable is that she uses her skills to make a difference in society and she thinks out of the box.

Who Is Eurydice Eve 

Eurydice is a Greek-American feminist author, artist, and podcaster. She is the pioneer founder of Universal Mother Income and Art Against All Inc.

Eurydice’s Distinctive Writing 

Eurydice began her writing career with her thesis, which the writers Ron Sukenick and Fred Tuten felt compelled to publish as a book. This first-of-its-kind piece of writing became famous in feminist circles, and Virago Press hired Eurydice to write a sequel, f/32: The Second Coming. This marked the beginning of her professional journey. Eurydice traveled to European countries giving interviews and readings. Next Eurydice wrote a novel that took place inside a giant sentient woman’s living body, where the main characters lived. The book, titled EHMH: An Anatomical Prophecy, showcased Eurydice’s impressive skills as a writer and her specialty for addressing unique and original topics. When Eurydice served as assistant professor of creative writing at Brown University Literary Arts program, the author Eurydice participated in a C-Span discussion on ‘Literature at the End of the 20th Century.’ This was one of her notable public contributions. 

Eurydice continued writing and published the non-fiction book Satyricon USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier. Published by Scribner, Satyricon USA was praised by many critics in notable mainstream media and many readers. It was an inspiring literary achievement and it prophesied the cultural wars that would shake American society. Eurydice also used her talent to enlighten readers about primitive women of antiquity in articles she wrote for literary magazines. She also brought post-feminism to light for the general public as a staff writer and investigative reporter for Spin Magazine. 

Eurydice now writes a popular newsletter on substack focused on current women’s issues.  

Along with her writing practice, Eurydice Eve is also an artist who creates the most unique art. 

Eurydice’s Distinctive Artwork 

Eurydice’s career shifted from writing to feminist hand-stitched fiber art when she was blessed with a daughter. Eurydice presented her visual art in a very unusual way as it featured giant women accompanied by cut-out words. Her art was made in traditional stitching, which she chose for being the oldest form of art produced by domestic women. This neglected household art which served as a bride’s dowry in old times, gained huge attention and admiration when produced by Eurydice and exhibited in commercial galleries.

Eurydice experienced her first solo exhibition in 2008 in the Miami Design District’s David Martin Gallery. Labeled Thread Bare Kulture Shock, the exhibit was highly attended. This led to more solo exhibits by Eurydice at the pace of one a year. In 2011, Eurydice organized a four-day art ‘unfair’ in solidarity with the Occupy movements. Eurydice called it Occupy Art Basel and invited international artists to perform. With it she took a stand against the immoral union of commerce and the arts. Her determination for this cause led her to label 10,000 sf of her artwork display as ‘Not For Sale.’ Following Occupy Art Basel, Eurydice held another notable art event titled In Art We Trust

As Eurydice’s artwork was collected by famous collectors and became more recognizable to the general public, Eurydice was invited to participate in a groundbreaking exhibition at the MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami called Intersectionality. There she displayed her most unique artwork, titled Suspense, a 10 x 30 ft. hand-drilled and hand-stitched mobile collage of hanging plexiglass sheets. The transparency of the plexiglass made her stitches appear to be suspended in midair and move with the viewers. The audience loved it. 

Another recognizable characteristic of Eurydice’s art is that she uses it to convey social issues. One example of this could be seen at the Museum of Art and Culture of Hollywood’s exhibit “Habitat,” a multi-disciplinary village of artist spaces that questioned domesticity and women’s responsibilities, where Eurydice displayed three 8 ft. by 10 ft. hand-stitched tapestries on canvas that replicated nomadic settlement temples and featured diverse modern feminine archetypes. 

Another unfailing characteristic of Eurydice’s art is that she always includes cut-out words and phrases in her artworks, as she believes that the marriage of her artistic media strengthens their message and makes her artworks into stand-out conversation pieces. 

These qualities make Art Against All by Eurydice Eve an emotionally powerful brand. 

The Eve Eurydice Podcast

Eurydice is a feminist supporter of the #METOO movement. She aims to enlighten the public about women’s issues and give audiences tools to rethink their lives. She created the Eve Eurydice podcast to promote women’s issues. In addition, her YouTube channel has had a considerable impact on the viewers as Eurydice has discussed social issues that many are afraid to talk about.

Eurydice founded the Scribal Book Club in the famed Betsy Library in 2018. In 2021, Eurydice launched her Universal Mother Income initiative with which she aims to redefine feminism. 

Without a doubt, Eurydice Eve is a multitalented woman who is gaining attraction in the mainstream due to her dedication to public good and her unique vision. She is an inspiration for many women and has used her talent and craft to target absolute essential discussions in society.

Eurydice Eve



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