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Dr. Seth Dobrin: A Seminal Leader in the Development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the disruptive technology that everyone is talking about. While much of the popular discourse is focused on technologies like Chat GPT and Google Bard, there are other individuals who are taking important steps in the field. They are essential to AI’s development and will help all of us take advantage of the technology in our personal and professional lives. 

One of those individuals is Dr. Seth Dobrin. Dobrin has a decorated career in the sciences and technology, having worked at some of the largest companies in the world. Now, he is the founder of Qantm AI. It is a Dubai-based, global software and consulting company that leverages Dobrin’s AI expertise and provides a variety of AI-focused software, as well as advisory services on AI strategy and implementation using his novel human-first approach to clients. From his work at Qantm AI to his role on the AI Governance Board at the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Dobrin is at the forefront of one of the world’s most innovative technologies.

From the Sciences to Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Dobrin’s early career was marked by an intense passion for life sciences. He was formally educated at Arizona State University, achieving his Bachelor of Science degree and his Ph.D. His career started as a scientist at Motorola Phoenix Corporate Research Labs. At Motorola, Dobrin was the first ever biologist employed by the company, and he was tasked with creating lab-on-a-chip assays to easily detect DNA, RNA, and proteins. 

Working for over five years at Motorola, Dobrin then moved on to positions at companies like Genometrix Genomics Incorporated, Ribomed Biotechnologies, The Translational Genomics Research Institute, and Marshfield Clinic Research Institute. He focused on using his scientific training and experience to advance research and practical applications of genomics to solve real human problems.

While Dobrin worked for several smaller companies and startups, he decided to make a substantial leap in October 2006. Then, he joined the global corporation Monsanto to be the company’s global applied genotyping labs lead. Dobrin generated billions of dollars of value by leading the daily operations of high-throughput genotyping labs and by developing highly automated lab equipment, IT systems, and advanced AI solutions. Impressed with his work at the company, Dobrin took on additional leadership roles at the company, becoming the Breeding and Genomics IT Strategy Lead, Data Lead, and then Digital Strategies Lead. Through those roles, he transformed the business operations at Monsanto using what was then cutting-edge cloud technologies. 

Through his promotions at Monsanto, Dobrin expanded his repertoire from being a genetics-first researcher to a leader focused on helping a global organization leverage data in the most efficient way. With the rapid advancements in AI research, Dobrin has used his eclectic experience in the development of AI. At IBM, he rose to become the company’s Vice President of AI Strategy and Global Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer. Dobrin was essential in, among other things, establishing an AI innovation team to provide early access to IBM research powered by AI (most notably, IBM Watson).

Since then, Dobrin has embraced a more entrepreneurial career in the AI space. As he told AI Business, it was an extremely difficult decision to leave IBM. That said, he has thrived as an entrepreneur. As mentioned above, he is the founder and CEO of Qantm AI. He is also the CEO of Trustwise, which is a stealth startup focused on safely implementing AI in the enterprise space. But beyond these two companies, he is on the AI Advisory Board of CompTIA, the AI Governance Board of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and The Board of Women Leaders in Data and AI.     

Simply put, Dobrin is using his AI expertise to help researchers, companies, and individuals get the most from this game-changing technology. He understands both the opportunities and risks that come from AI. He argued that Covid-19 has hastened the adoption. Notably, however, he told Axios that the U.S. needs an “FDA for AI,” which could help provide some guardrails as the technology proliferates and improves. 

Whether AI experiences a developmental winter or continues its rapid advancements for the next several years, Dobrin will be at the forefront. Relying on his extensive experience and knowledge, Dobrin will be working with his colleagues to create a better, easier, and more fulfilling world that is powered by AI. 

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