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Do you avoid putting yourself out there? I know what is stopping you!

Pallav Sinha

Stepping into the world of coaching can be an incredibly rewarding journey. You’ve honed your skills, you’re passionate about helping others, and you’re ready to share your wisdom. However, many aspiring coaches find themselves facing a daunting challenge: the fear of putting themselves out there, in simple words fear of Marketing themselves and their service. In this article, we’ll explore how to overcome this fear and embark on your coaching career with confidence.

Understanding the Fear

Before we delve into strategies to conquer this fear, it’s essential to understand where it comes from. For many coaches, the fear of putting themselves out there is rooted in a mix of self-doubt and a desire to avoid rejection. This fear can manifest in various ways:

1. Fear of Being Seen as Selfish: Coaches often worry that promoting their services is synonymous with selfishness. They fear that others will perceive them as opportunistic or solely interested in their financial gain.

2. Impostor Syndrome: The nagging feeling that you’re not qualified or experienced enough to help others can paralyze you. Impostor syndrome makes you doubt your abilities and can hinder your efforts to market yourself as a coach.

3. Fear of Rejection: The possibility of rejection is a natural fear in any field. However, for coaches, the stakes can feel higher. Rejection can make you question your skills and the value you offer.

4. Overthinking and Perfectionism: Overthinking every aspect of your coaching practice, from your website copy to your social media posts, can be paralyzing. A desire for perfection can prevent you from taking action.

Now that we’ve identified some common sources of fear, let’s explore how to overcome them.

5 Mindset Shifts to Overcoming Fear

#1 – Turn Your Focus Outward

One of the core principles to overcome the fear of putting yourself out there is to create delight in your prospective clients. Rather than approaching self-promotion as a sales pitch, think of it as an opportunity to bring joy to those who could benefit from your coaching.

Remember that your coaching services can genuinely transform lives. Your journey and expertise have value, and you have the power to make a significant impact. Embrace this mindset shift, and you’ll find that promoting yourself becomes a way to share something truly valuable with the world.

#2 – Empathize and Connect Deeply

Understand your potential clients better than they understand themselves. Articulate their challenges, desires, and dreams in a way that resonates on a profound level. By showing that you genuinely understand and empathize with their experiences, you’ll create a strong connection that builds trust.

Coaching is about guiding individuals through their unique journeys, and demonstrating that you “get” them is a powerful way to connect. Share stories that highlight your own vulnerabilities and struggles. This authenticity will help potential clients relate to you and see you as someone who genuinely cares.

#3- Provide Clarity Through Insights

Coaching is all about facilitating personal growth and transformation. As you communicate your coaching services, offer insights and perspectives that encourage potential clients to see their world differently. Highlight the possibilities and positive changes that await them on their journey.

Show them the path to clarity, and make it clear that your coaching can help them navigate it. When individuals can envision a different and more fulfilling future, they’ll be more motivated to take that first step with you.

#4 – Demonstrate Authenticity

Be authentic in your messaging and share your own story. Coaches who are genuine and open are often seen as refreshing compared to salespeople who use aggressive tactics. Share your challenges and vulnerabilities, and convey your unique point of view.

#5 – Embrace Authority

At the same time, establish authority by showcasing your expertise and leadership. Let potential clients know that you’ve walked the walk and faced challenges head-on. When they see you as a trustworthy guide, the fear of putting yourself out there diminishes.


Remember that fear is a natural part of growth, but it should never hold you back. Embrace your role as a coach, and know that your unique perspective and experiences can make a profound difference in the lives of others. 

With these principles in mind, you’re well on your way to overcoming your fear and achieving success in your coaching career. Invisible blocks like the ‘fear of putting yourself out there‘ are the biggest saboteurs of a successful coaching business. 

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