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Devin Millar Goes 90s And Mid-2000s With “Hoody”

An age-old vibe and question for the music industry. Will it ever come back? 

Why, yes it can. Devin Millar did just that. The animator and music composer who creates this type of music combined with, Pop, EDM, and even Trap and Rap to bring all these genres into one. As Devin feels this is a good medium. 

One song, in particular, which was created by him was titled “Hoody”. The song’s video is popular on sites such as YouTube and TikTok. The song is an homage to gangster culture in those places and it fully reflects in the lyrics, but the song is comedic and changes the negative parts about it to wholesome things instead such as candy, hugs, and flowers. 

“Someone’s gotta do this. I guess that will be me.” 

Devin mentioned about his intentions with this song. 

Speaking of which, even Devin’s song is successful, there has been controversy regarding it but it never affected him or his career as he does not worry what others think, and his loyal fans outnumber the negative reception. 

“Hoody” has been used in some internet memes from time-to-time, and TikTok dances were creating using it’s audio. The video also has 100,000 views on Devin’s YouTube channel. He also created this video himself like his other material. 

The song is similar to 90s and 2000s Eurodance music and Dance music from that time. It also contains a big rap verse in the middle where Devin goes to town on rapping fast.

“Hoody” which implies he is saying Hood-ish also has the approach of cartoons which use hand drawn animation. Many of these have positive messages which is exactly what Hoody has. Devin replaces many of these elements with positive ones showing there doesn’t have to be violence, and people living in these places can be civil to one another. Devin also merely enjoys this aesthetic and continues to celebrate the usage in the vibe of some music artists today. 

As we mentioned earlier, Devin created this song as a way to stop hate. Let’s hope the song continues to have more success in the future and this song will continue make people laugh and dance. 

Devin takes this route: As long as you’re not hurting others, just be yourself entirely.

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