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Dan Aquino on Innovation, Creativity, and Social Impact

In today’s fast-paced world where innovation and leadership are paramount, individuals who possess a unique blend of competence and creativity stand out. One such individual is Dan Patrick Aquino, a visionary leader who has made significant contributions to his community and beyond.

Dan Aquino is an accomplished professional who has honed his skills through a rich but unconventional educational journey. He attended the University of the Philippines under the Communication Arts program, majoring in writing. Later leaving the University to establish a career in marketing and multimedia, he continued his education on an alternative pathway, with trainings and apprenticeships, and later, professional development programs, eventually leading to his achievement of a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Project Management and a Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Communication at TECH Universidad Tecnologica. He has taken various professional certifications as well, including the Certified Marketing Professional® qualification awarded by the Sales and Marketing Institute International, and Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design and Adobe Creative Educator qualifications in the creative field.

Through his years of independent and corporate work, he has garnered experience across various sectors, including non-profit organizations, B2C businesses, SaaS, and countless local startups. His expertise has enabled him to navigate complex challenges, drive positive change, and foster innovation in these domains. In his work as a visual designer, product designer, and marketing professional, he displays a unique approach where he augments the principles of these three fields into methodology that produce the best results. He believes that visual designs must be treated with the same care as product innovations, crafted consciously towards the consumption of a target audience, and should therefore be data and audience-led, well-informed in achieving project objectives.

Passionate about the intersection of design thinking, visual design principles, and public policy and social impact, Dan Aquino is a strong advocate for inclusive and sustainable development. Notably, his idea in applying design principles in creating solutions to social problems has proven instrumental in his acceptance to the Executive Education Program in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, and to the Aspire Leaders Program by the Aspire Institute founded at Harvard University, both in 2022.

As a community and corporate leader, he understands the challenges faced by emerging leaders and aspiring change-makers. His message revolves around embracing innovation, collaboration, and most of all, empathy, which is the first step in the design thinking process. In his community engagements and speakerships, he accentuates the importance of upholding these social ideas in creating meaningful results in the responsible practice of the creative profession.

Dan Aquino’s passion extends beyond his professional endeavors, on a mission to share his experiences, knowledge, and advocacy in a wide range of subjects. From visual design and product design to innovation, creativity, human rights, and peacebuilding, he encapsulates his ideas in his online column on Medium–https://danaquino.medium.com. Readers may also connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-aquino-cmp-71b97b145/.

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