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Brittany Walker: The Newest Trailblazer in Small Business Marketing and Sales

Brittany Walker is setting new records as the CEO/Founder of her Consulting firm, Walker and Associates. With an impressive portfolio of equity ownership in multiple ventures and a rapidly growing consulting business, she is quickly becoming one of the most influential players in the Marketing and Sales world. Let’s take a closer look at Brittany Walker’s career path to see how she rose to prominence.

From Internship to Equity Owner
Walker began her career as a marketing assistant at a small startup company. She quickly gained recognition for her drive, ambition, and ability to anticipate trends in the market. After two years of gaining traction in her field, Walker was recruited as a Marketing Manager with a large Corporate Cannabis company, Empire, in Southern California. In this position, she was able to influence decisions around product development and marketing strategies which ultimately led the company toward note-worthy success.

CEO/Founder of Walker & Associates
After gaining valuable experience working for other organizations, Walker decided it was time to start her own business—Walker & Associates—which provides clients with consulting services on marketing strategies and sales operations. It didn’t take long for her expertise to be recognized by industry experts; already, it seems she has established herself as a go-to source for growth strategies for large and small businesses.

Walker has also been busy leveraging her newfound recognition by investing in other promising startups, gaining traction in her ever-expanding portfolio.

Brittany Walker is undoubtedly making waves in the Marketing and Sales world by leveraging her skillset, ambition, and strategic partnerships into success after success. For any aspiring entrepreneurs out there looking for inspiration or advice on how to succeed in business, Brittany Walker should be someone you look up to! Her example proves that hard work pays off; if you are willing to put in the effort, you can achieve amazing things!

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