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BASIL SAKR – Actor’s Spotlight – How He Got Here by Steven Andrews

In a town full of Actors and Models, all the other talent seems to get hidden away. How does one stand out in a crowd full of people all trying to achieve the same goal: to become famous? For Basil Sakr, it didn’t come easy to break into the scene. It took years of training and practicing to get where he is today.

Basil didn’t always want to be an Actor, or at least he didn’t realize it until he became an adult. Basil Sakr was born in a small town in the Midwest. His parents moved him out to Los Angeles when he was 9 years old. Even growing up in Los Angeles and seeing the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame, never really dawned on Basil that he wanted to be an Actor. He graduated college with a degree in Information Technology which landed him a job in Television. Basil worked at the NFL Network for several years, and then worked at Entertainment Partners thereafter. Being in the Entertainment Industry was amazing for him. He loved every aspect of it. However the job market was a bit shaky and all the IT jobs were outsourced. After leaving IT, Basil obtained a license in Real Estate. Having to constantly promote himself in Real Estate and his brand, Basil found himself shooting Comedic Real Estate videos that got people not only laughing but buying houses from him. A lot of his clients told him he should be an Actor. Basil heard it one too many times, so he looked into a career in Acting.

After taking his first Acting Class, Basil Sakr landed his first co-star role on a TV Show with Ray J (Moesha, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood) and Michael Jai White (Spawn, The Dark Knight). Basil knew from that point on, he would make a career out of it because he loved being on set. Especially with his background working on a TV Network, it was all coming together. In a matter of 2 years, Basil already racked up 15 credits on IMDb. Basil shot 4 movies last year in 2022, not only starring in as the lead Actor, but also as a producer of the films. The movies are entitled, Misinterpretation, The Heist, One Two Three Punch and Beauty Incarnate. Basil’s movies won multiple awards in the film festival circuit. Not only did the movies themselves win Best Movie awards, Basil Sakr snagged the Best Actor award in Milan, Italy for his portrayal of Johnny in the movie The Heist.

Whether it being a Thriller like Misinterpretation, or a Comedy like The Heist, Basil is very versatile in his Acting performances. Breaking into Hollywood, Basil was typecast as a bad guy. He was landing nothing but bully or bad guy roles. Basil made it a point to show the world that he has more ability than just being a bad guy. He spent couple years taking Comedy Improv classes to finally landing Comedic Roles. However Basil definitely attributes having played both types of roles to making him the Actor he is today. If he were to choose which type of role he enjoys playing the most, “Comedy, of course. I feel like I’m naturally funny. I always try to make people laugh. It brings me a sense of joy,” he stated in an interview. Basil Sakr is a name you should know now, because sooner or later he will be a household name.

Check out his work on his IMDb Page or YouTube. Follow him on all his Socials @ActorBasil

IMdb http://imdb.me/basilsakr
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/actorbasil
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/@actorbasil
Tik Tok: http://www.tiktok.com/@actorbasil

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