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An App For Managing Your Identity

CARDPIE is a revolutionary app that simplifies managing your identity. This innovative tool consolidates all your social media handles, contacts, websites, profile images, and addresses into a single electronic business card.

This app is quickly gaining popularity and is a must-have for anyone looking to share their business or personal contacts easily.

With CARDPIE, users can define and manage their own identity. The app allows you to share your card through an access link or by scanning a QR code on the recipient’s device. Contact profiles are stored in a well-organized and easy-to-access record. The share link and QR code are generated by the card holder and can be used only once for privacy and confidentiality. Additionally, there is also a multi-use QR code that can be used for publishing to attract high traffic. This feature benefits businesses, brands and content creators who want to reach a large audience.

Creating and customizing your CARDPIE is easy. The app offers numerous layouts and color schemes to choose from. Users can also include their business name, logos and personnel images to create a unique and personalized identity.

The app is also very secure as it attaches to your cell phone number and is properly authenticated.

Your family, friends, business associates, clients, vendors, etc. will be able to initiate contact from a single point as per your preference.

The easy-to-use mobile app is available on both Appstore and Playstore, and it’s completely free. However, there is a premium package available for advanced features.

CARDPIE is a truly interesting and useful app that is making waves in the digital world. It’s no wonder that it’s quickly gaining popularity and will be exciting to see its growth trajectory in the future.

Create yours today at https://cardpie.com


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