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Actors Anonymous Hotline: Everything We Know

If you are a fan of Hillary Hawkins, you know she can create and present exciting songs, movies, cartoon shows and TV series.  The good news is she has another creation, which she named Actors Anonymous Hotline.  The Actors Anonymous Hotline is a hilarious, yet engaging web series created for your entertainment. 

The series which was released in July last year has gained a lot of traction in the last few months. Fans have continually asked for more episodes and what they can expect in future. If you still wondering about what to expect in the next season, come with me as I help you brighten your day. 

About Actors Anonymous Hotline 

The show consists of Hillary casting as Sunny and other actors lined up with bookings to call the hotline since they exciting things to share. Since the purpose of the issue is to offer support to actors in all stages, it is open to anyone who would like some love and care from Sunny Love. 

Different episodes in season one were done by different but well-known artists. For instance the first episode had an interesting combination of different talents such as Olivia Hudson, Rahul Gajasamharamoorthy, Benson Kamau & Chris Robins. 

Moreover, over the season Sunny Love has received calls from other actors such as James Anderson, Adam Kiss and Emmy Mulen.  All actors have helped bring out different personalities we all know from Sunny Love. However, what has stood out is how human the other actors can be with pure fears, feelings and abilities to change personalities from what we have all seen on screen. 

Also different episodes have allowed us, Sunny’s viewers to interact and engage with the day to day episodes of an actor before they go on stage for a performance. May be this has been taken as just comedy but to many it’s an aspiration to young actors who see their mentors discussing the same things they have gone through the growth trajectory. 

About the Producer: Hillary Hawkins 

Hillary Hawkins is a 3X voice art awards nominated voice actress with many other talents such as singing, a song writing, a directing and a rapping with different accents and dialects. She is based in Los Angeles, California and New Jersey but has worked with a much diversified set of clients.

Over the years Hillary has transformed from a child actress in episodes of Nickelodeon where she played Kate to be becoming a host for Radio Disney.  Formerly she was on TV every day introducing shows like Little Bill and Bob the Builder. She also hosted live events for Radio Disney for years, before working as an ADR Celebrity Voice Match for the Tyler Perry film “Acrimony.”  

Moreover, Hillary has worked with well-known brands such as UNICEF, Verizon, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s and AT &T. Due to her versatile voice she has played mostly everything from kid voice, teen, adult, female voice and any other swag voice a client might require. That diversity in voice has allowed her to work in several accents such as southern, America, African, Latin American and Caribbean accents. Surprisingly she has also been multilingual singer and writer, writing songs in different languages such as Italian, Swahili, Portuguese, French and Japanese. 

Hillary has also narrated over 100 audio books such as Oprah”, “Your Word Is Your Wand” and several Books of the Bible. She is also the author of the Amazon Bestselling e-book “How to Become a Voice over Artist Spiritual Keys to Success” Her life has become a learning ground for many aspiring actresses as she has conquered and continues to break the barriers of women artists. 

Successes of the Last Seasons

Since the series started, different episodes have hit their highs in the number of viewers they attracted. Engagement has been high at all time with Hillary’s Channel maintaining 99% of her monthly viewers for each subsequent episode. Even after the first episode which cemented the series as a daring and an addictive show, the entire season remained flawless and kept getting better with every anonymous call made. 

The season has received critical acclaim which has pushed Hillary and the respective actors to create the next season sooner than expected.  Through the first season Hillary was keen enough to understand what her fans were looking for. She didn’t only entertain them, but she created an engaging space that sucked different personalities and audiences into their world.

 Even though I can’t point fingers to the best player in the series, all the cast members were well chosen and their personalities well defended. Each of the cast members worked really hard to leave an indelible mark in the show, which makes every fan more eager to see what’s next for the next season.  As we all await the next season the director and show creator celebrated the news by stating ”this has been an exciting experience and I am excited to see what the whole team in Actors Anonymous Hotline will bring forth.”

When Will the Next Season Come Out?

Hillary productions just announced that the next season will be coming soon. Even though no specific dates were given, we believe that part 1 of the next season will be out by end of year. Once the first episode is live, it’s like Hillary to produce the entire forthcoming episode the first day of each month. 

Is There a Trailer for the Next Season?

Not really, there is yet a trailer for the show but as soon as one is dropped, you will be the first to receive it from us.  However, there have been clip teasers with different suggestive captions on the Producers respective social media pages. Jittery backstage episodes are circulating on her official websites and sometimes shared Tiktok. Those will give ideas of the expected and how exciting the next season seems to be.

Also, Sunny Love (Hillary) has been constantly active on social media, mostly YouTube and Twitter debunking rumours about the show and also answering questions from her fans.  Since we have all seen the effort all we can do is anticipate and wait to see what is in store for all of us. 

What Could Happen in the Next Season?

It’s funny that we all asking for next season when no one has seen the last three episodes of the first season.  The first season is expected to premier on the first day of April this year. Actually you can get a notification when Part 1 of the current season premiers.

A little spoiler alert for next part of the series, Sunny Love is not expected to change much but she will have additional personalities to explore. Similarly, her casts will also be at liberty to play different personalities to make the show more diverse, engaging and fun for all of us.  The next season will definitely be centered in a way that Sunny Love provides more solutions and advices to her callers. 

As Hillary mentioned, the show will undergo some changes in every season to make it more exciting. The will be changes in the cast in different episodes which each new character determined to play a new exciting role. Therefore, we believe that it will remain a hit in the coming season and even the remaining season 1 episodes. So, let’s see. 

Who has Been Cast in Season 2?

I thought all this was supposed to be anonymous (Just Kidding). Most actors from season 1 might come back to season 2. Even though new faces will be introduced, I would wish it all stays anonymous for now to keep as exciting as it’s intended.  

Notably, Sunny Love is a constant with a few others like Man Man who have the ability to portray different personalities all at once.  Even as Sunny love maintains her role, we expect more exciting and diversified traits since we all know she can be whoever else she wants.  

Other members will include Benson Kamau, Chad Wilson and Earl Fetcher. There will be more episodes revolving around women actors and the diversity they need in order to fit in in the filming space. 

More characters will include well known professors, investigators, artists and famous photographers. Importantly, with a season as promising as this, it is better to stay since it will be an interesting watch. 

In one of her Interviews, Hillary said, “the forthcoming season could be quite different. Since this is a show about my anonymous callers. I don’t know, we should let them define it. I think we should let them create the story and learn to receive care and love.”

Where Will the Next Season be Set?

As you all would guess Hillary loves her cities. The new season will be produced in New York.  Also, similar to the last episodes of season 1, the city of angels has been hinted in the part one of the next season.  Other than the just the beauty of the cities, if you a young artist aspiring to be cast on Actors anonymous Hotline, you should be excited about the setting. 

You will have a chance to show case your talent and also network in the best cities to film in. While in Los Angeles, there is a great chance to meet Hollywood stars and well known film directors. 

Partying Shot 

The remaining episodes of the Actors Anonymous Hotline have a lot of exciting events. The cast too consists of great actors and interesting personalities to watch. The series so far has been a great hit and we are anticipating so much in the next season. 

As Hillary mentioned before, the show is meant to create a difference and show some love and tender care to actors of all stages. That doesn’t necessarily mean famous Hollywood actors only but also you, aspiring actors like you. With what is in store in the next season, there will be more to uncover and more for you to experience. The cast will be an interesting combination of personalities, which you don’t want to miss. 

This show meant for each one of us who needs a chance to be who they were supposed to be in the first place. Therefore, if you would love to be a part of this masterpiece, you could interact with different cast members or fellow fans on Hillary’s official website. 

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