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A Gen-Z led media company taking over the influencer marketing space quickly because of its novel ways of doing business.

One of those ways is where instead of simply doing traditional brand deals, they help influencers create their e-commerce stores where they sell their audience-related products. 

But the question is why? 

Even though brand deals are traditionally more common when monetizing macro talent, the truth is, they don’t quite resonate with their target audience. A brand deal also provides limited scope and room for creativity, narrowing the prospect of monetizing your talents to their full potential. 

Sanjeev started out with, and now has a team of 16 people that creates and manages eCommerce stores for influencers. This way, they get to pick from a selection of winning products that relate to their brand while also giving them full creative control. The videos they make about the products are done by following proven blueprints. Giving influencers choices, results in them enjoying the process, which ends up producing the best results. 

But that is just one way Sanjeev is evolving the influencer marketing niche. 

As an influencer, you can be of service to the community while also making money for yourself. Useing this idea to create group chats of influencers with their fans. Whether you are an influencer belonging to the mental health niche, fashion industry, or creative arts, you can share that knowledge with your fans and bring about a positive change too. The fans pay a specific amount of money to be a part of these groups and leave with new knowledge, solutions to their difficult problems, and a chance to interact with their favorite influencer. 

The cherry on the top and something that gives Sanjeev an advantage is personability. Since the young CEO is only 20, alot of talent in the social media influencer space are around the same age. This not only helps the influencer have a personal, genuine relationship but also helps with trust and innovation potential with the influencer. Most macro influencers are tired of the normal influencer agencies’ outdated, job-like feeling. Sanjeev does not look at social media as a job, making influencers not feel pressure. Instead he simply explains and instructs his team on what they have to do and why it will be an asset. No commitments except for the existing contract they sign to be exclusive to only his agency. Influencers have the ultimate choice of what they want to do and when they want to do it. That’s part of the reason why he owns and operates one the fastest expanding talent agencies in the world. Expanding so fast infact, they had to stop accepting clients to keep a good ratio from influencers and managing employees. 

The CEO, Sanjeev Nachiappan states, 

“I utilize services that are so strategic, unconventional, and most importantly… Proven to work. So, I can’t be more certain of industry domination in the future. Just look at the numbers, I grew my agency starting with $0, faster than similar talent agencies that got $5M+ in funding. The success and industry takeover is almost inevitable the way we are currently going.”

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